Some experiences in your life change you forever.  Having the opportunity to follow and photograph this beautiful surrogacy journey is one of those moments for me.  Sara and Ben have struggled with infertility for nearly 15 years.  For 12 years, they suffered in silence not even telling their family of their pain, heartache and frustrations.  […]

Guys, It really happened.  One of my dreams came true last week!  On my doorstep I opened a bag filled with the Wedding Ideas OK Magazine that had MY photograph on the front!  I knew this wedding was going to be in the magazine, but had no idea I had gotten the cover.  I couldn’t […]

  I’ll be honest, I used to have a different photography blog and haven’t posted on it in over 4 YEARS!  Rather than going back to that blog, I decided to start a new one.  I will probably still post about some of the sessions I’ve done the past several years, but I’m looking forward […]

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