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I’ll be honest, I used to have a different photography blog and haven’t posted on it in over 4 YEARS!  Rather than going back to that blog, I decided to start a new one.  I will probably still post about some of the sessions I’ve done the past several years, but I’m looking forward to a new blog and a fresh start.

I figured the best way to begin is by doing a little introduction about myself (sharing more than what is on my about me page).  So here it goes!

My name is Madelyn.  I grew up in Springville, Utah.  I am the oldest of 7 kids.  I was a choir girl in high school and still enjoy singing.  The desire to create is something engrained deep within me.  It just makes my soul happy.  Because of this I have many, MANY hobbies.  I like woodworking.  Last year for my birthday, my husband gifted me the permissions to do a GIANT project.  I wanted to do some builtins in our bonus room.  I decided to use some IKEA furniture as my base and then build onto those.  So I made a “plan” in photoshop and got to work. Here’s a few progress pictures.  I will admit that I had a friend help me who has lots more woodworking experience than me which really helped.







This year for my birthday I’m hoping for a new washer and dryer (fingers crossed!)  Laundry is my downfall in life. No matter how many good intentions I have, I CANNOT keep up and I end up having baskets of clean clothes set aside and baskets of dirty clothes set aside.  I know which ones are which, but no one else does – which doesn’t seem to work out so well.

I enjoy interior design.  In another life, I think that’s something I would’ve wanted to pursue.  I’m more about the clean and simple decor rather than clutter.  I wish people would just give me money to go shopping for their decor.  That sounds like a blast haha!  Any takers? 😉

Food is my love language.  My husband claims that’s not a thing since it’s not on the “list of love languages”, but trust me……it’s very much a thing.  I like to think that I’m a pretty good cook.  I get joy from making good food and sharing it with others.  I also love not having to cook and going to a restaurant for some delicious food.  So it goes both ways.  I just need good food haha.

This is my family.  Before we moved to Oklahoma, we lived in a small town in Northern Idaho called Lewiston.  When we found out we were going to be moving, we knew we HAD to go visit the Oregon coast while we could.  Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.  We made sure to get family pictures while we were there.  What a beautiful place!

I have 4 wonderful, crazy children who are constantly teaching me how to be a better person.  One of my goals this year is to take more pictures of my kids just being kids.  So I’m sure you’ll be seeings lots of lifestyle pictures of them.  Lifestyle photography is actually a more recent love of mine.  I’ve always enjoyed doing it from time to time, but the past couple of months, I’ve found pure happiness capturing the real life”in between” moments.  Here are a couple of my favorite shots that I recently took of my daughter jumping on her brother’s bed.  I recently added lifestyle sessions as an option for people to purchase.  I’d love to tag along with your family at the zoo, to aquarium or something in your home capturing your REAL life.

We have lived in Oklahoma for just over a year now.  And you might be surprised to hear this, but I really like it here!  The people are so kind and I’ve made a lot of great friends.  I do miss the beautiful Utah mountains though.  I usually go back to Utah once or twice a year to visit my family and always set up photoshoots in the mountains.

What else would you like to know about me?  Feel free to ask me questions you have.  I’m a pretty open person, much to my husband’s dismay.



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